Miley isn't the only hot Cyrus sister. Brandi Cyrus is breaking into the acting scene and America's hearts.
Gifs rule! Here are some of the most mesmerizing. If you have some time to stare, then this is just what the doctor ordered. The doctor probably didn't give you those drugs . . .
Not all celebrities were born good-looking!
Do these photoshop enhancements make these celebs look better or worse?
Before Miley Cyrus was a wild child she was sweet and innocent. Take a look at the transformation in 25 steps.
As the year closes, check out a few top photographs selected by Sifter! Sifter selects a total of 100 pics every year and credits individual photographers for their awesome work.
Photo manipulation is the new normal today, making it hard to know what we see online is real or simply fantasy!
Stuck in the friend zone and need to get out? Follow these 15 tips to get your crush to love you.
There are a lot of things to talk about when going out for the first time, just maybe no these things...
Do you have anarchy in your makeup tip? The first rule is: there are no rules. But here are some great tips.
Meet the Human Barbie. 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova is blonde, blue eyed and has an 18 inch waist.
Beautiful examples of white ink tattoos, you have to see it to believe it.
Getting scared is the worst, which is why it's so amazing to watch people getting scared. In honor of Halloween, here are the best GIFs of people absolutely losing it.
Sometimes a spontaneous kiss on the cheek or bouquet can mean more than the most expensive jewelry. Guys, here are some small things you can do that your girlfriend will really appreciate. (inspired by Reddit thread)
Sunburn art exhibits have yet to hit the big museums, but could be more awesome than anything in them. It could also be stupid, dangerous, and a waste of time. Either way it's hilarious.
You may not care what obscure band they're listening to, or how they shop at vintage clothing stores, but it's impossible to ignore how hot they are. Allow me to show you some evidence that backs up my assertion.
These before-and-afters are downright drastic! See who looks great in makeup and who looks gross.
Russian makeup artist Vadeem Andreev can transform any face into a thing of exotic beauty.
Did you know these weird trivia tidbits?
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